RS City Council Tables Ordinance Amending City Personnel Policies and Procedures Once Again


ROCK SPRINGS– The Rock Springs City Council once again tabled the ordinance amending the city’s personnel policies and procedures at Tuesday night’s meeting.

The council unanimously voted to table the ordinance, allowing for more time to go over the proposed changes.

During the petition section of the meeting, Cmdr. Clark Robinson of the RSPD and Dominic Erramouspe both asked that the council table the ordinance to allow for public comment on any further changes.

Amendments to the Ordinance

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Councilor Tim Savage suggested the following three changes to the ordinance:

  • Remove subsection C in section 305 that would prohibit the city’s civil service employees from applying or being hired to a non-civil service position in the city until they have formally retired from the civil service position for a minimum of six months.

The council voted unanimously in favor of this amendment.

  • Add a new subsection C in section 305 that would make any employee who is eligible to retire under one of Wyoming’s retirement systems and wishes to take apply for another position in the city under a different retirement plan shall be given only equal consideration.

The council voted unanimously in favor of this amendment.

  • Change the amount of time that elected city officials can apply for or be hired for a position in the city after leaving office from six months to 30 days in subsection H of section 305.

In a 6-3 vote, Councilors Savage, Billy Shalata, David Tate, Glennise Wendorf, David Halter, and Mayor Carl R. Demshar Jr. voted in favor of this amendement, while Councilors Jason Armstrong, Rose Moseby, and Rob Zotti voted against it.

Councilor Armstrong said he does not support this amendment as he thinks 6 months is more suitable, saying that 30 days is a short period of time that could allow city officials to build their “dream job” and move into it.

Councilor Halter moved to table the ordinance once again to allow the council to go over the changes. The council voted unanimously to table it.