RS City Council Will Hold Third Reading of Ordinance Prohibiting Commercial Sale of Pets


ROCK SPRINGS– The Rock Springs City Council will host the third and final reading of an ordinance that would prohibit sale of commercially bred dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores, retail businesses, and other commercial establishments.

The council will take action on this ordinance tonight at its regularly scheduled meeting.

The ordinance will make it unlawful for any person to sell any live dog, cat, or rabbit in any pet store, retail business, or other commercial establishment located in the City of Rock Springs, unless the animal was obtained from an animal shelter, nonprofit rescue, or humane organization.

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The ordinance says that it will not affect the consumer’s ability to get a pet from the breeder of his or her choice, whether it be from a breed-specific rescue organization or from a breeder of breed-specific pedigreed pets where the consumer can see the conditions in which the animals are bred.

Rock Springs City Council meets at 7 pm Tuesday, April 17 at Rock Springs City Hall, 212 D St.

Read the full ordinance on page 303 of the packet available here.

Also, view the full Rock Springs City Council agenda here.