RS Museum Exhibits Coordinator Receives Award

RS Museum Exhibits Coordinator Receives Award

Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce CEO Rick Lee presents Rock Springs Historical Museum Exhibits Coordinator Janice Brown with an award. Courtesy photo

ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs Historical Museum is excited to announce that Exhibits Coordinator, Janice Brown, received the Excellence in Customer Service Award from the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce at its February 10 luncheon.

Brown started working at the museum in 2004 at the front desk as the museum technician before taking on the role of exhibits coordinator in August of 2018.

During her 16 years at the museum, Brown has worked the front desk greeting thousands of visitors from all over the world, accepted donations large and small, catalogued thousands of artifacts and given more tours than she can count.

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Brown was born and raised in Rock Springs and has spent her life living the details of the local history, and researching the rest. She can find most everything in the museum by memory, and can answer most research questions off the top of her head.

Brown genuinely loves working with the public and helping people look into their family history, she enjoys helping people make connections with the past. Brown is amazing with the public, always happy to answer questions and help locals and visitors alike.