RS Rap Scene Continues To Standout


SWEETWATER COUNTY — Rock Springs continues to hit above our weight musically.

Wyoming native Currington Campbell is building on his previous successes. Teaming up with Yung C, or Camen Dunks also of Rock Springs, Currington or Cur as he goes by when performing has stepped up to a new creative iteration and his efforts are paying off.

‘Money Fan’ hits the streets of Salt Lake City with Cur and Yung C behind the wheels of high-end European sports cars.

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The video was shot by Ryann ‘Double R’ Race and mixed and mastered by T00M3R.

The video creation skills pushed production values to new levels.

Cur and Yung C began the day with a drone video shoot that resulted in some great imagery filmed in a high dollar neighborhood of SLC.

More scenes were filmed guerrilla-style, on the street, in a parking garage and at a shopping center where the production attracted enough attention that passer-bys pulled out their phones to film the occasion.

Cur added that he wants to thank the fans for their support!

Yung C, like many of us who call Rock Springs home, is originally from out-of-state.

His family called Lexington Kentucky home until his father moved for oilfield work.

Participating in musical activities since his early childhood left Yung C well prepared for a career in music. His first attempt at making music in Rock Springs didn’t go anywhere.

After meeting Cur, Carman says he’s on the right track, with foreign cars and shows in the mix.

Yung C, Flakko Stakks of New Mexico, and Curr pause for a photo.

Not quite 21 Yung C was set to open for Caskey of Young Money, however, Cur didn’t want to put Yung C in the position of breaking the law. A wise choice for a young man with his whole future ahead of him. Cur and Yung C thanked Joey Mahwntezuma for setting up the show that almost was.

Always a man of the world, Cur is working the international angle through WMR Music Group. Who handles PR for the Migos and Cardi B.

We can’t wait to see what Rock Springs’s music scene creates next! Keep up the good work Camen and Currington!