RS Will Apply for ARPA Grant Funding for Water Reclamation and Odor Control Project

RS Will Apply for ARPA Grant Funding for Water Reclamation and Odor Control Project

ROCK SPRINGS — The City of Rock Springs will move forward with a State Loan and Investment Board grant application to help fund the water reclamation facility’s solids handling and odor control project.

The Rock Springs City Council voted unanimously tonight to approve a resolution authorizing the city to apply for the State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) Grant through Water and Sewer ARPA Grant Program Funding. The city will ask SLIB for $5.25 million.

According to information in the Council packet, the project will cover the design and construction of a processing facility that will utilize solar and supplemental heating sources to dry and process biosolids produced from the wastewater treatment process. The year-round processing of the biosolids will reduce the odors released during this operation. In addition, air scrubbers will be installed to reduce the odors emitted from the facility.

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Other Business

Under resolutions, the Council approved a $151,508 property sale agreement with the Union Pacific Railroad Company. The city will use the nearly 22-acre landlocked parcel of land to construct a municipal storm water retention basin.

After no public comments were made during the public hearing portion of the meeting regarding a proposal to combine Justice Assistance Grant funding for nearly $11,800 between the City of Rock Springs and Sweetwater County, the Council approved a resolution to move forward.

The Council approved a resolution supporting an application for Grant Funding to SLIB by the Green River, Rock Springs, Sweetwater County Joint Powers Water Board for ARPA Funds to fund the unfunded portion of the JPWB Pump Station 2019 Project.

Under ordinances, the governing body read an ordinance called “Humane Control and Regulation of Animals” for a second time. The proposed language amendments will create a Trap-Neuter-Return program to help control the community’s cat population.