RSFD Add Solidarity Thin Red-Blue Line to Trucks

RSFD Add Solidarity Thin Red-Blue Line to Trucks

ROCK SPRINGS – Following recent events nationwide targeting law enforcement officers, local agencies have been demonstrating their support to law enforcement here in Rock Springs.

According to Rock Springs Police Chief Dwane Pacheco, one agency in particular, the Rock Springs Fire Department (RSFD) is demonstrating support in the form of decal stickers.

The stickers are described as “Solidarity” stickers to show the support to Rock Springs Police Department and all other county law enforcement agencies. The idea became a reality thanks to Fire Chief Jim Wamsley and International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Union President and RSFD Captain, Dominic Erramouspe. CJ Signs in Rock Springs created the decal stickers and donated them to RSFD at no cost.

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All three RSFD fire engines now display the Solidarity decal stickers which visually display a red and blue line to show the support between local fire and law enforcement agencies.

“The relationship between fire and law enforcement across the nation is extremely divisive in some areas, but here in Rock Springs, that is not the case,” said Chief Pacheco. “In Rock Springs, we support one another and have a great working relationship.”

Rock Springs Chief Wamsley also spoke about the importance of the RSPD.

“We are both proud of and thankful for the dedication and professionalism of our Law Enforcement Brothers and Sisters in Blue; at the end of the day we all focus on the same goals: the safety and security of those whom we serve and protect. It is an honor to serve with them.”

Citizens will notice the stickers as they see fire engines travel throughout Rock Springs.