RSHS Marching Band Earns Fourth Consecutive Superior Rating

Photo by Brayden Flack

CASPER– The Rock Springs High School Marching band received a Superior rating at the 2018 Wyoming State Marching Band Festival on Saturday, October 13, in Casper, as well as several Caption awards.

Fourth Superior Rating in a Row

This year marks Rock Springs’ fourth consecutive Superior rating at State Marching Band. RSHS band director Brian Redmond said this band is a “special group” and he is thrilled that they found success at the state festival.

“These kids are awesome. Right from the start, I knew this was a special group of kids. Not only are they hard working, they’re some of the most genuinely nice kids I’ve worked with,” Redmond said.

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“After seeing all their effort and passion, I couldn’t be happier that everything they’ve worked for came through for them,” he added.

Four Caption Awards

In addition to the Superior rating the band earned, RSHS also received several Caption awards. The woodwinds, percussion, brass sections were all recognized with Caption awards. RSHS also received a music Caption award.

“To earn recognitions for the brass and percussion is pretty special, but our woodwind players have been wanting that caption award for four years. After so much time and effort, it is truly amazing to have seen the joy on their faces when Rock Springs was called for each of those awards,” Redmond said.

“Hard Working and Energetic”

As Redmond notes, the kind of success this band had at state does not come without hard work.

“This group of students are so incredibly hard working and energetic. It makes the job much easier. Not only do I have an amazing team of student leaders, but I have students not in leadership roles coming up with ideas and ways to make everything we do better– a visual effect here, an organizational change there.

“I love getting their ideas. Not only are they good, but usually they have identified the same things I have, but they’ve figured out a better solution than what I could come up with on my own. It makes the job a lot more fun for all of us,” Redmond said.

Building a Successful Music Program

‘It takes a village’ is very true when it comes to building a successful band and music program. Redmond points out that he is part of a team of people and is happy to share the credit with them all.

“I’m pretty fortunate to have an awesome team to work with. I may get to carry the trophy around, but there are so many people doing the heavy lifting to make it happen. I am so lucky to have had the help of Britney Bosh with our color guard, and Joann Stevens helping with our visual presentation, Redmond said.

“Beyond that, the work being done by our music education team K12 is nothing short of remarkable. Every year I have such enthusiastic and talented students come in my room, and it comes from the hard work being done every day at the elementary and junior high schools. Without them and their work, we wouldn’t be able to do the amazing things we do,” he said.