RSHS Senior Receives Appointment to Coast Guard Academy Scholars Program

Photo contributed by Shaneal Miller.

ROCK SPRINGS– Rock Springs High School senior and soon-to-be graduate Tanner Miller recently received an appointment to the Coast Guard Academy Scholars Program.

Miller, the daughter of Jb and Shaneal Miller, will be joining an elite officer corps, which has a strong sense of camaraderie, pride, and tradition.

Miller Was Selected Out of 600 Candidates

Miller is one of less than 100 students selected from a pool of over 600 candidates considered for the Scholars Program this year.

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The appointment represents a one-year scholarship worth $35,000 including active duty military pay and benefits.

She will attend either Marion Military Institute in Marion, Alabama or Georgia Military College in Milledgeville, Georgia to complete a one-year preparatory program, prior to attending the United States Cost Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut.

After the Preparatory Program

Upon successful completion of the preparatory program, Miller will be offered a full appointment to the United States Coast Guard Academy. A full appointment represents a scholarship worth about $400,000 including active duty military pay and benefits.

Upon graduation, it also guarantees an exciting career as a commissioned Coast Guard officer.