RSHS Student Takes Top Spot in Young Authors Contest

RSHS Student Takes Top Spot in Young Authors Contest

ROCK SPRINGS — Rock Springs High School student Kyrah Schultz won the first place prize in 9th grade poetry at the Wyoming Literacy Association Young Authors State Writing Contest on September 7.

Also representing Sweetwater County, Green River High School graduate Kaitlynn Sharp took first place in 12th grade non-fiction.

We got a chance to chat with Kyrah and find out a little more about her creative work. Kyrah told us that she started writing poetry in her 7th grade language arts class. At first, Kyrah wasn’t excited about writing poetry, but after some encouragement from a teacher, she sat down and gave it a shot. “And the words just started flowing,” she said.

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Taking the top prize in the state wide contest didn’t come easily. Kyrah entered her poetry in 7th and 8th before taking first place this year. Kyrah is the first RSHS student to take home the first place poetry prize in over ten years.

Favorite poets that Kyrah draws inspiration form include William Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe. Despite her literary talent, Kyrah’s favorite subject in school is astronomy. In the future, she hopes to work as an astrophysicist.

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