RSHS Wrestling Takes First at Bison Bonanza in Cheyenne

RSHS Wrestling Takes First at Bison Bonanza in Cheyenne

ROCK SPRINGS– The Rock Springs High School wrestling team took first place at the Bison Bonanza tournament in Cheyenne on Friday, December 29.

Along with RSHS, Cheyenne East, Cheyenne Central, Cheyenne South, Douglas, Torrington, Wheatland, and Burns/Pine Bluffs also competed in the tournament.

Rock Springs High School
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RSHS Went Undefeated

The Tigers started the tournament strong, defeating Burns/Pine Bluffs 69-9. RSHS then beat Torrington 55-21.

The Tigers took on Cheyenne Central, winning the dual 54-18. Next, the Tigers defeated Douglas 63-15, earning their spot in the first place match.

The Tigers battled Cheyenne East for first place, winning 40-30.

First Place Dual Individual Results


Cash Christiansen (Rock Springs) over Kane Mihalek (Cheyenne East) Fall 1:58


Zach Vasquez (Rock Springs) over Jason Hoskins (Cheyenne East) Fall 2:46


Mason Yenney (Rock Springs) over Lucas Robinett (Cheyenne East) Maj 10-2


Noah Gallegos (Cheyenne East) over Cole Seymour (Rock Springs) Dec 7-1


Cameron Metcalf (Rock Springs) over Shawn Smith (Cheyenne East) Dec 3-0


Chase Peppers (Rock Springs) over Dawsyn Winchell (Cheyenne East) Fall 3:56


Wyatt Martinez (Rock Springs) over Jackson Hesford (Cheyenne East) Dec 9-5


Tristan Profaizer (Rock Springs) over Landin Eldridge (Cheyenne East) Fall 3:11


Wyatt Yenney (Rock Springs) over Bradley Whitright (Cheyenne East) Fall 0:29


Thomas Neal (Cheyenne East) over William Petrovich (Rock Springs) Fall 2:27


Gunner Bartlett (Cheyenne East) over Dalton Black (Rock Springs) Fall 0:39


Jacob Fogg (Cheyenne East) over Adam Forbush (Rock Springs) Dec 7-2


Marshall Brown (Cheyenne East) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf


Joshua Gross (Cheyenne East) over AJ Kelly (Rock Springs) Fall 2:48

Individual Tournament Records

106-Cash Christiansen went 5-0.

113- Zach Vasquez went 5-0.

120- Mason Yenney went 5-0.

126- Cole Seymour went 4-1.

132- Cameron Metcalf went 5-0.

138- Chase Peppers went 4-1.

145- Wyatt Martinez went 2-1.

152- Tristan Profaizer went 3-1.

160- Wyatt Yenney went 5-0.

170- William Petrovich went 4-1.

183- Dalton Black went 2-3.

195- Adam Forbush went 3-2.

285- AJ Kelly went 1-1.


Team Places

  1. Rock Springs
  2. Cheyenne East
  3. Cheyenne Central
  4. Douglas
  5. Torrington
  6. Cheyenne South
  7. Wheatland
  8. Burns/Pine Bluffs