RSPD Announces 2020 Civilian of the Year

RSPD Announces 2020 Civilian of the Year

Rock Springs Police Department employee Heather Marsh was named the 2020 Civilian of the Year. RSPD Chief Dwane Pacheco presents Marsh with an award.

ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs Police Department (RSPD) recently announced Heather Marsh as its 2020 Civilian of the Year.

Marsh is the RPSD Chief Dwane Pacheco’s executive assistant. Throughout 2020, Marsh went above and beyond her normal duties and demonstrated selfless sacrifice for the department, according to a release from the RSPD. She was instrumental in the development and implementation of the department’s yearly budget.

Some of the additional projects, which Marsh was involved was creating a uniform order page for each individual officer to get online to order their own uniforms and assisting with the coordination, measuring, and ordering of ceremonial uniforms for the entire department.

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Marsh worked tirelessly throughout the year on COVID-19 related issues, which included policy implementation, notifications for testing and quarantines, payroll challenges, and sick leave and vaccine coordination, the release states.

She also integrated a paperless system with DocHub for more efficient signature processing and was even asked to teach other departments on the use of DocHub. She is a member of the insurance committee and has been a valuable resource to agency members with questions about insurance coverage.

Marsh has positive interactions with every single employee of the police department and is available to answer any questions or will find the resource to get those questions answered, according to the RSPD.

This past year, in addition to her numerous administrative duties, she was given supervisory responsibilities over the administrative assistants for detectives and animal control. Marsh is an exceptional employee and an unsung hero of the police department.