RSPD Releases Traffic Pattern for Sweetwater County Fair

RSPD Releases Traffic Pattern for Sweetwater County Fair

ROCK SPRINGS– Chief Dwane Pacheco announces that the traffic pattern for the 2019 Sweetwater County Fair this year should be similar to what has been for the past couple years.

Starting on Tuesday night at around 5 pm, traffic southbound on Yellowstone Road will be diverted at Gannett Drive onto Foothill Boulevard. This will be implemented beginning Tuesday night and continue nightly through Saturday night, July 30 through August 3.

This should help alleviate some of the traffic for safer pedestrian crossing from the vacant lot across from the main entrance to the fair. Armory Drive will also be closed nightly at 5 pm to through traffic for the added safety of fairgoers. The main gate will be closed to vehicular traffic for the entire week.

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Paid parking will be available at the north gate, along with handicapped and VIP parking. However it is recommended that fairgoers use the Grandstand Parking area where it is FREE PARKING. Shuttles will be running from there to and from the main gate nightly from 6 pm to 11 pm.

At the end of the night, all traffic will be directed out of the North Gate. (right turn only) to north on Yellowstone Road. The JY road is about ½ mile north on Yellowstone Road and serves as a short cut to Highway 191 near Reliance and back to Rock Springs.

After 9 pm people going north on Foothill Boulevard at Signal will be allowed to only turn to the right towards Yellowstone Road. Also there will be no left turn allowed from Yellowstone Road onto Signal during this time. This is done to help fairgoers exit the area in a quicker, easier and safer manner.

Chief Pacheco wants to remind everyone to “Slow Down” in these areas. Whenever you have a mix of children, carnivals, excitement and vehicles there is a potential for accident. If you drink, please drink responsibly, and DON’T drink and drive. Call a cab or have a Designated Driver. He hopes everyone has a safe and fun experience at the fair this year.