RSPD Reminds Residents About ATV Laws

RSPD Reminds Residents About ATV Laws

ROCK SPRINGS — Rock Springs Police Chief Dwane Pacheco wants to remind everyone who enjoys the great outdoors, and who drive 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, or ORV’s (off road Vehicles) that it is illegal to drive these vehicles on a public roadways without being properly licensed, registered, and have proper insurance while within the City of Rock Springs.

Each year we have numerous complaints of this happening. It is also illegal to operate these vehicles within 300 ft. of a residential area. By doing so it creates a problems such as noise and dust for the local homeowners.

Chief Pacheco requests that if you do drive these vehicles, to do so in a safe and courteous and legal manner when within the Rock Springs city limits.

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RS City Ord. 3-307(p) Regulating Vehicular Traffic in Roadless Areas.

No person shall ride, drive, operate or propel (other than by human power) a motor vehicle on a roadless area within three hundred feet (Buffer Zone) of a business or residence. Roadless areas shall mean those areas within the City, which are not properly dedicated or established streets or alley, and have not been otherwise developed or improved. The three hundred foot Buffer Zone may be used by motor vehicles for immediate ingress or egress to/from the roadless area intended for vehicle operation. The motor vehicle shall not exceed 5 mph in said Buffer Zone

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