Run With The Horses Marathon “Challenging but Rewarding”

Run With The Horses Marathon “Challenging but Rewarding”

Runners happily make their way up the steep Wild Horse Loop Tour Road during last year's Run With The Horses Marathon, Half, and 10K. SweetwaterNOW file photo by Olivia Kennah

GREEN RIVER — Saturday morning, both local and visiting runners will be heading up the Wild Horse Loop Tour Road for the Run With The Horses Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K.

As of Thursday afternoon, Green River Chamber Office Manager Jesica Hunter said there are a total of 155 people signed up for the races. Forty-eight people are signed up for the 10K, 53 are signed up for the half marathon, and 54 will be running the marathon.

While the races are popular among locals and other Wyomingites, it also draws in people from across the country and abroad.

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“There are 67 [participants] from out of state, four from Canada, and three from the UK,” Hunter said.

With the marathon taking place the second day of the River Festival, runners also have a chance to explore Green River and enjoy a beloved community event.

While Hunter said she isn’t sure on the number of runners who have registered again this year after participating in years past, she does know there are a few returners.

“Patrick Balizan, [who] was the first local to win the marathon last year, has registered again this year,” Hunter said.

Green River’s elevation is already 6,100 feet, and by the time runners get to the top of White Mountain and make their ways over the rolling hills of the canyon, they reach up to 7,300-7,500 feet. This means the course not only climbs to high elevations, but the inclines are quite steep. Therefore, the course is a difficult one, but the high plains desert scenery and the chance of seeing some cool Wyoming wildlife makes it worth it.

“People say this race is challenging but rewarding,” Hunter said. “And the chance of seeing wild horses makes it even better.”