From Scratch, You’ll Taste the Difference

From Scratch, You’ll Taste the Difference

If you want fresh food without a long wait, eat at Santa Fe Southwest Grill.

Call 307-362-5427 for takeout or to make a reservation.

Meals Made from Scratch

Santa Fe Southwest Grill, from scratch… you’ll taste the difference. All our salsa, sauces, breads, sopapillas, Indian fried bread, salads, and more are made fresh when you order. We cut our steaks in house, grind our own hamburgers from 100 percent steak and trim our own chicken breasts daily. We don’t serve bread from a heating rack, we give you bread prepared after it’s been ordered.

When you eat at Santa Fe Southwest Grill, our food’s freshness is evident in every bite.

Check out our tasty menu items and see what is on the grill for you.

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Drink Specials at Santa Fe Southwest Grill

Drinks and Drink Specials

Our beer on tap available by the glass or pitcher includes:

  • Hefeweizen
  • IPA
  • Blue Moon
  • Bud Light
  • Alaskan Amber
  • Seasonal Feature – ask the server

We offer happy hour specials from 6 pm-8 pm every night.

  • $2.50 16 ounce Margaritas
  • $2.50 16 ounce Domestic Drafts

See what other drinks and drink specials we offer.