Saturday, August 3, 2019 Big Show Schedule

Saturday, August 3, 2019 Big Show Schedule

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Below is your Saturday, August 3rd Big Show Schedule.

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Saturday Night Concert: RATT

As the story goes, RATT helped pioneer Hollywood’s legendary Sunset Strip sound and scene in the 1980’s. Created by lead singer songwriter Stephen Pearcy. The band rehearsed and played the clubs in and around L.A. for over a year.

They soon recorded and released their own six song E.P. RATT in 1983. Their single, “You Think Your Tough”, (Pearcy/Crosby) the song became a staple on local L.A. radio stations KMET and KLOS. RATT EP sold well over 100,000 copies. Don’t miss it!

Saturday 8/3 Detailed Schedule

9:00 AM 4-H/FFA State Fair Meeting – Mandatory (Small Hall)
9:00 AM Horseshoe Pitching (Horseshoe Pits)
10:00 AM Big Show Barrel Race (Grandstands)
10:30 AM Main Gates, Exhibit Hall & Midway Open (Grounds)
10:30 AM – 9:00 PM Bugology, Fair AnimalsPetting Zoo, Giant Games, Lanky the Clown, Bubble Tower, Animal Cracker Conspiracy, Chicken Rider (Grounds)
11:00 AM Rotary Kid’s Dog Show (West Tent)
11:30 AM Duck Races (Grass Area)
12:00 PM – 9:00 PM Premium Payout Exhibit Hall (Information Desk)
12:00 PM Livestock Auction Buyer’s BBQ (Indoor Arena) 4-H/FFA Buckle Presentations (Indoor Arena) Marty Davis (Exhibit Hall)
1:00 PM- 12:00 AM Brown’s Amusement Carnival (Carnival)
1:00 PM Duck Races (Grass Area) Bugology Show (Exhibit Hall)
1:30 PM Comedy Wild West Gunfight (West Tent)
2:00 PM Livestock Auction (Indoor Arena) Marty Davis (Exhibit Hall)
2:30 PM Mountain Bike Stunt Show (Grass Area)
3:00 PM Sweeny Family Band (West Tent)
3:30 PM Duck Races (Grass Area)
4:00 PM Bugology Show (Exhibit Hall) Bocci Bolli (Grass Area)
4:30 PM Comedy Wild West Gunfight (West Tent)
5:00 PM Duck Races (Grass Area)
5:30 PM Sweeny Family Band (West Tent) DJ Dance and Music (Pepsi Tent)
6:00 PM Mountain Bike Stunt Show (Grass Area) Marty Davis (Exhibit Hall)
6:30 PM Comedy Wild West Gunfight (West Tent)
7:30 PM Duck Races (Grass Area) Bugology Show (Exhibit Hall)
8:00 PM Sweeny Family Band (West Tent)
8:15 PM Mountain Bike Stunt Show (Grass Area)
8:30 PM Ratt in Concert (Main Stage)
10:00 PM Big Show Dance Club (Pepsi Tent) Fireworks (Wyoming’s Big Show Sky)

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Lanky the Clown

Lanky the Clown will once again be bringing his unique blend of humor, compassion and FUN to the fair. Lanky, and his partners Smile Inspector and Sheriff Shorty, will be clowning around on the midway as well as hosting some of the family fun contests. Sponsored by Airgas.

Big Show Dance Club

Back for a repeat engagement, Beat of Time will be playing nightly in the Pepsi Tent. With big screens, a laser show and music to keep you on your feet, plan on late nights! Sponsored by Drive Sober Wyoming.

Animal Cracker Conspiracy

Animal Cracker Conspiracy will take you to new heights with their stilt show walking around the fairgrounds. These fun characters will be roaming around Wyoming’s Big Show™ and would love to say hi and take a picture with you and your family. Sponsored by Sweetwater Laundry.

Comedy Wild West Gunfight Stunt Show

This hilarious comedy show is fun for the whole family! Come watch the adventure of Sherriff Casually and Deputy Leon Jones as they journey through the wild west. With an elaborate western set and fantastic actors this show will have you rolling with laughter! Sponsored by BP.

Petting Zoo

Fair Animal Specialties petting zoo is sure to be one the most memorable and talked-about attractions at the fair. These hands-on interactive educational presentations are a hit fo kids and adults of all ages. Sponsored by SweetwaterNOW.

Sweeney Family Band

The Sweeney Family Band puts on a great show full of music and comedy. This family-friendly group performs stand-up comedy, singing, dancing and encourages audience participation! The Prohibition-themed show contains classic country music with a comical twist! Sponsored by New Frontier Imaging.


Bugology is an interactive exhibit where you can learn about insects, reptiles, birds and mammals. Featuring live animals, this show educates you about the importance of wildlife conservation by experiencing a personal connection with the wildlife. Sponsored by Premier Bone & Joint Centers.

Mountain Bike Stunt Show

The adrenaline-filled show is exciting for young and old alike. Robbie entertains the whole crowd with mountain bike stunts with family-friendly music in the background. Sponsored by Western Engineers & Geologists.

Duck Races

Come watch adorable mallard ducks race to the finish line! This fun show lets you coach your very own duck in the race. Sixteen volunteers will be chosen to release the ducks at the starting line, and everyone is encouraged to cheer them on while they race. May the fastest duck win! Sponsored by Rocky Mountain Power.

Marty Davis Show

Marty Davis is a world-renown country musician whose music takes you on a journey through the old wild west. His show, The Legend of the Pioneers is a familyfriendly show consisting of country music all generations will enjoy and a little rock-n-roll. Sponsored by McDonald’s.

4-H and FFA Activities

Activities and events for Sweetwater and Daggett County 4-H members and Green River FFA will take place throughout the grounds. Shows highlighting everything from agriculture, livestock, fashion, mechanics, and more! Sponsored by Sweetwater and Daggett Counties.


Turn Up the Volume will help us crown two karaoke champions at this year’s Wyoming’s Big Show. We’ll have a rock and a country champion, and the winner will get back stage passes to one of our After Dark Concerts along with additional prizes. Registration is limited so sign up early! Sponsored by Honnen Equipment.

Giant Chicken Rider

The Chicken Rider is an energetic character you’ll run into around the strolling grounds of Wyoming’s Big Show®. He likes to say hello to everyone, tell you all about the crazy adventures he and his chicken have been on, and take family photos with you. Sponsored by Komatsu Equipment.

Bubble Tower

This 14-foot bubble tower continually creates bubbles for the visitors below. Bring your kids to catch a few bubbles or just come to enjoy the colorful spheres glistening in the sun. Sponsored by SweetwaterNOW.

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