School District Outlines Steps for Student/Athletes To Register Before Season

Rock Springs High School athletes must set up a SWOL account before participating in an sport this year.

ROCK SPRINGS — Sweetwater County School District #1 reminds parents that prior to participating on a team at Rock Springs High School, student/athletes must provide the Athletic Department with current address, emergency contact, insurance, medical alert and health history information.

To expedite this process, Rock Springs High School uses an online data entry system. Athletes will have this account for the remainder of their time at RSHS. The district asks that athletes update this account regularly.

The district highly recommends that all athletes keep the directions below. The directions will walk you through everything you need to know to set up and fill out your SWOL account.

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If you already have an account, please do not create a second account. Simply update any information that may have changed and switch your current sport to reflect the proper season. To enter your information, visit The first time you visit the website you will need your school ID which is RSHS Sports Med. You will also need to enter your email address (we recommend a parent’s) and click Get Password.

If you have multiple children participating in athletics at RSHS, you will need to set up a separate account for each child. You can use the same email for each account, however the passwords must be different for each account. Let me know that you need to set up multiple accounts and I will help you through the process.

Joining SportsWareOnLine

Athletes should log on to, scroll to the middle of the screen and click the Join SportsWare button. Enter your School ID that you received from the athletic trainer as this is required to enter the correct school. Enter your first and last name, address and hit Send.

Your request to join SportsWare will then be sent to the Athletic Trainer for review. Once your request is accepted you will receive an e-mail with the Subject “SportsWare request accepted”. Open the e-mail and click the link to continue to

Setting Your Password

Go to and enter your email address, then click the Reset Password button. You will receive an e-mail with the subject “SportsWareOnLine Password Request”.

Open the e-mail and click on the link to reset your password. Enter your e-mail address, new password and click the Save button.

Updating Your Information

Go to, enter your email address and click the Login button. At the top of the page is the Menu Bar where you will need to complete the following:

  • My Info, update your address, emergency contact and insurance information.
  • Med History: Complete a Medical History questionnaire.
  • Forms: View/complete required paperwork. Note: SportsWare will also display “You have ? forms to complete/download”.
  • Print: Print My Info and Medical History data.

Completing your SportsWare (SWOL) Account

  1. Go to and Log in (if you have multiple children entered, make sure to use the correct password for each child’s account).
  2. On your homepage, there are 3 tabs that you will go through to complete all required information:
    a. My Info
    b. Med History
    c. Forms
    i. Note, you do not need to print any forms to turn in other than your
    sports physical
  3. Updating your info
    a. Click on the My Info tab at the top left side of the screen
    i. Tabs that must be completed include:
  4. General
  5. Address
  6. Emergency
  7. Insurance
  8. Medical (for medical alerts, i.e. allergies, asthma, etc)

Make sure to click Save when you have finished. After you click save, it will automatically take you back to the Home Page.

  1. Click on the Medical History tab
    a. These are all required.
    b. If you already have an account, please update your medical history
    to include any changes from the previous year
  2. Click on the Forms tab in the upper left hand side
    a. There will be some required paperwork for that school year that needs to
    be signed electronically by the athlete and parent/guardian

New physicals must be completed every year by a physician after May 1st and turned into the Athletic Trainer. Once you have fully completed your SWOL account and turned in your physical, you will be issued an orange card that must be presented to the coach the first day of practice for you to be allowed to play.