SCSD No. 1 Continues Providing Free Breakfasts, Lunches

Minor changes in times and how meals are picked up will start tomorrow.
SCSD No. 1 Continues Providing Free Breakfasts, Lunches

ROCK SPRINGS — Even though Sweetwater County School District No. 1 will continue serving lunches and breakfasts for free, some small changes in times and how meals are picked up will occur, according to a release from District No. 1.

Starting, Tuesday, September 29, District No. 1 will have some small changes in the time and meal pick up process for those that are age 18 and under and are not a District No. 1 student. An example of this would be the young siblings in the family, including preschool students and toddlers.

Families can pick up breakfast and lunch meals at Rock Springs High School (RSHS) at 1375 James Drive from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm each day school is in session. The younger children do not need to be present and breakfast and lunch meals can be picked up by parents or guardians.

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Parents will park on the east side of RSHS near the three stall garage located on the corner of Cottonwood Drive and James Drive. Please wear a mask when walking up to get the meals at the tables set up by Nutrition Services staff.

Sweetwater No. 1 is not responsible for food once it leaves our premises, so be sure to take good care of the food and refrigerate any items that need to be.

Free breakfast and lunch will help our students with meals over the weekends too. These extra meals will continue to be provided on Fridays to help with Saturday and Sunday.

Although we won’t actually serve meals on Saturday and Sunday, we will have extra breakfast and lunch meals to help support our students and families over the weekend until meals resume the following Monday.