SCSD No. 2 Will Offer Voluntary Reduction Incentive for Eligible Employees

SCSD No. 2 Will Offer Voluntary Reduction Incentive for Eligible Employees

Photo: SCSD No. 2

GREEN RIVER — To address a possible budgetary shortfall in fiscal year 2021, Sweetwater County School District No. 2 will be offering a Voluntary Reduction Incentive Plan (VRIP) for eligible employees.

At the last school board meeting, SCSD No. 2 Business Manger Chris Dean said that about 81.6 percent of the district’s budget goes to personnel costs. With a decrease in enrollment equaling a shortfall of about $865,000, or 2.2 percent, of the district’s guarantee, the district is forced to make big budget cuts.

Unfortunately, with so much of the budget going to personnel, the district will have to cut staff to balance the budget. The VRIP is to offer the longest serving employees of the district a buyout.

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There are 83 eligible employees in the district. They will be offered the plan on Friday, December 11, and those employees will have until January 6 to accept or not accept. The employees who accept the offer will be approved on January 12 and will then be notified on January 13.

This will allow the district to know by March 4 where they stand with the budget.

Employees will be offered the following:

  • Certified professional staff will be offered $42,000.
  • 12-month support staff will be offered $22,000.
  • 10-month support staff will be offered $18,300.
  • 9-month support staff will be offered $16,500.
  • Supervisors will be offered $52,000.
  • Administrators will be offered $62,000.

The board approved the plan unanimously. Chairman Steve Core said it is a good plan, but that the budgetary problems will persist as long as enrollment keeps declining.