SEDC Economic Development Specialist Completes Harvard Executive Education Certificate

SEDC Economic Development Specialist Completes Harvard Executive Education Certificate

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition (SEDC) is pleased to announce that, Kayla McDonald, Economic Development Specialist for the Coalition, was awarded a certificate of completion for the Leading Economic Growth Program, May 4, from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Executive Education.

McDonald was accepted to the 10-week program in January. McDonald also was granted a Wyoming Economic Development Association Scholarship for professional development to help towards her training costs.

“Kayla has been an instrumental member of our team, leading our countywide economic development efforts for nearly 10 years. She has sought after and accomplished subject specific training opportunities on numerous occasions to ensure that Sweetwater County remains at the forefront of economic development efforts,” said Devon Brubaker, chairman of the Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition Advisory Board.

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“Please join with me in congratulating Kayla McDonald in successfully completing the Harvard Kennedy Leading Economic Growth program. Kayla has devoted an immense amount of time to developing her skills so that can take the lead and advance the goals of the Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition,” SEDC Vice-Chairman Mark Cowan said. “Being able to identify and apply the appropriate resource to affect economic growth is a challenge each community that attempts to affect economic development face. We look forward to her guiding the Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition by introducing and applying the skills she has learned.”

The Leading Economic Growth is a 10-week online executive program, led by Professor Ricardo Hausmann and Professor Matt Andrews that examines new approaches to shared growth and development, expanding a country’s productive capabilities and developing contextually driven strategies for growth. Learn powerful new tools that allow countries to better chart the road ahead, identify the obstacles to prosperity and define actions that can lead to economic growth.

Leading Economic Growth brings together leading experts in economic development with practitioners from around the globe to focus on practical approaches to shared growth and development. The curriculum provides a framework for understanding economic growth, as well as sophisticated tools for diagnosis, decision-making, and implementation.