Selling door to door? Make Sure You Have a License

Selling door to door? Make Sure You Have a License

ROCK SPRINGS — A social media post regarding suspicious door-to-door sales prompted the RSPD to remind everyone that a valid city peddler’s license is required to sell door-to-door in Rock Springs.

According to Chief Pacheco:

In response to a social media posting about suspicious persons selling satellite television services door to door, Rock Springs Police Department is issuing an advisory to those individuals in door-to-door sales to ensure that you have a valid city peddler’s license.

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The Rock Springs Police Department was advised of a post circulating on social media this week advising Sweetwater County residents to be aware of a suspicious person that was selling television services in the area.

Through speaking with a member of Dish Network’s Fraud team, they are not able to verify employees in the area because numerous employees are hired through third-party companies to sell the services. However, in the city of Rock Springs all door to door sales must be conducted after obtaining a peddler’s license.

As a safeguard, if someone comes to your residence selling services or items, always ask to see their peddler’s license. Additionally, if you are suspicious or have other concerns, please call law enforcement for assistance on our non-emergency line at 307-352-1575. As a salesperson, ensure you have applied for the proper peddler’s license to avoid issues with law enforcement.

Rock Springs Police Department encourages citizens to always ask for identification if companies show up at your residence without scheduling an appointment or a service call.