Senior Prank Leads To Police Response; Students Barred From Graduation Ceremony

Senior Prank Leads To Police Response; Students Barred From Graduation Ceremony

GREEN RIVER — A controversy is stirring after several Green River High School students were caught in the act of perpetrating a senior prank that went too far.

According to the Green River Police Department, they responded early Monday morning to the high school after custodians reported the sounds of people on the roof.

The police responded and rounded up several students who were mostly eighteen-years-olds, and one seventeen-year-old.

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The students were in the process of gaining entry to the building through a rooftop hatch with the intent of writing on the building’s windows with dry erase markers.

The eighteen-year-old students were issued trespass warnings, and the sole seventeen-year-old was given a curfew ticket and released to their parents.

The school’s principal was called to the scene. The school district expressed their desire to handle disciplining the students through internal processes instead of the legal system.

Because of their actions, the students are not being allowed to participate in the upcoming graduation ceremony.

The School Board is holding a meeting at noon tomorrow to address the issue. The students are being allowed to appeal the decision. The appeal hearing will be closed to the public.

A petition with 542 signatures as of 8:00 p.m. is circulating to allow the students to take part in the ceremony. 

According to police, the school is addressing the roof hatch security issue the incident has highlighted.