Setzer Pleads Not Guilty to Attempted First-Degree Murder Charges

Setzer Pleads Not Guilty to Attempted First-Degree Murder Charges

Bradley Setzer will face a jury trial on attempted first-degree murder charges scheduled for later in the spring.

GREEN RIVER – Green River resident Bradley Setzer has plead not guilty to attempted first-degree murder stemming from an alleged incident that took place at his home on August 25th.

Setzer entered his plea in Third District Court this afternoon and will now face trial in the spring. He has been accused of shooting at his wife, Jessica Setzer, and later interfering with peace officers when stopped after leaving the family home.

Setzer was bound over to District Court in mid-October following a preliminary hearing that outlined the events of that Sunday afternoon. He allegedly aimed and fired a 9mm handgun through the window of the couple’s front door, narrowly missing Jessica Setzer, who was later hospitalized with an eye injury and lacerations to her face.

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Preliminary testimony states the couple had been fighting earlier in the day and the dispute escalated when Jessica returned home from her parents that afternoon.

Bond Reduction Denied

Setzer’s attorney, Jerry Bosch, once again asked the court to consider reducing his bond to $250,000 from $900,000 after being denied the request at the Circuit Court level.

Bosch argued that Setzer did not pose a threat to the community nor was he a flight risk. He said a $250,000 bond was plenty to assure Setzer would remain in Sweetwater County for his trial.

He also said Setzer has a job waiting for him if he is released and this would allow him to continue providing for his family and paying for attorney fees and other case-related costs.

But Deputy County Attorney Teresa Thybo reminded Judge Richard Lavery that Setzer repeatedly violated probation stipulations from a pending case involving his wife, including the use of alcohol and possession of firearms.

Lavery stated that due to the seriousness of the case, he was not inclined to lower the bond and kept it at $900,000.

Setzer will now face a jury trial scheduled on May 11, 2020, at 9 a.m. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison and a $10,000 fine. He also plead not guilty to the charge of interference with a peace officer which carries a one-year maximum prison sentence.