#ShareTheLove: Bennie and Connie Johnson


We partnered with Coyote Creek Steakhouse & Saloon this Valentine’s Day season to share some wonderful stories of love. We sat down and talked with couples at several different stages of marriage, including lovebirds with over 60 years of wedded bliss.

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Bennie was born and raised in Pinedale. Connie was born and raised in Green River. They were married in Green River at Connie’s parents home by Peggy Beckham the justice of the peace. They will have been married 40 years this March!

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They sat down with me to share a little about their love.


How did you meet?

Connie: Bennie was riding around in his car on Expedition Island and I was riding around in mine and he kept asking me to go for a ride with him. Finally, I went. I was 17 when we met.

Bennie: Everybody went to the island back then. I was 19. We met in the summer and then got married in March.


When did you know he/she was the one?

Bennie: First time she kissed me. It was our first date. Forty years later I still remember that kiss.

Connie: When he asked me to marry him. At that point, I figured I should decide if he was the one.


What is something you really appreciate about your spouse?

Connie: He’s always had my back whether he agreed with me or not.

Bennie: She’s always backed me up no matter what endeavor we decided to go on. When we opened up the fishing guide service, she was not sure about it but she supported me and we made it work. You can’t do things by yourself. You both make it work.

I got really sick for a while and Connie took care of me.


What have you done to keep your love strong over the years?

Bennie: You never know what is going to go wrong you have to take it like it is and go with it. We love to take the grandkids out and teach them how to do things.

Connie: Communication. We always discuss everything and give our point of view. We used to travel and do trade shows quite a bit when we first started the guide service. That made for some good memories. Our best time is spent with our grandchildren.

What advice do you have for new couples?

Bennie: Make sure you like each other a lot (laughing). You gotta have a lot of patience. You’re two different people trying to make it work as one, as a couple. There are tons of challenges. If you don’t communicate and work things out together, it will not work. In 40 years, there have been difficult times. When something negative is going on, remember the good times.

Some people refer to marriage as a give take relationship. There is no take, only give.

Connie: Communicate. Be patient with each other. It’s ok to have differences. Bennie loves to fly fish. I don’t even fish.

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