#ShareTheLove: George and Donna Wisniewski


We partnered with Coyote Creek Steakhouse & Saloon this Valentine’s Day season to share some wonderful stories of love. We sat down and talked to couples at several different stages of marriage, including lovebirds with over 60 years of wedded bliss.

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In 1968, George moved back to Rock Springs. He left a few years earlier as a single sailor and returned a married man with Donna. The two will complete 50 years of marriage this year! George Grew up in Rock Springs three houses down from where he and Donna currently live. Donna grew up in Aiea, Hawaii.

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They sat down with me to share a little about their love.


How did you meet?

George: I had a part-time job at the movie theater on the submarine base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I was the movie projectionist. Donna worked at the concession stand. I always tell people I asked her if I could have some free popcorn and she said only if I married her (chuckling). But, that’s not the truth.

On our first date, we went down to Makapuu point where people go to body surf. I wasn’t a good swimmer. I just beat the water into submission. It was my birthday.

Donna: My father was a paraplegic and a divorcee. As the oldest child, I had to work to support the family. I worked at the Bank of Hawaii and ran their international bank on Saturdays and Sundays. I also worked at the submarine base on weekends and occasionally throughout the week as time permitted. We were 20 when George and I met.


When did you know he/she was the one?

George: When she told me (chuckling). No, I loved her from the first day. She’s pretty special. We dated until, finally, she could see that I was irresistible. Then she decided to marry me. I had to bribe her, though.

Donna: I knew it on our first date.

George and Donna Wisniewski


What is something you really appreciate about your spouse?

George: I appreciate everything about her. She’s a great mother, wife. My best friend.

We do a lot of things together. When our kids were small, we’d take them camping, fishing, and to church. She’s always been a good mother and is even a great-grandmother. I couldn’t pick out one thing that is special about her because everything is special about her.

I tell her I love her every morning and night and still call her about two or three times a day.

Donna: I appreciate the fact that he gets up every day and goes to work (laughing). No, he’s kind. he has a soft heart. He’s a good dad. He’s very generous with his time. He helps a lot of people out. He is always with our kids and loves to play and tease.

What have you done to keep your love strong over the years?

George: We work at it every day. We met at the movie theater and still like to go to movies. There’s no free popcorn now, though. We like to listen to audio books when we travel. We go to Arizona every spring for the Aloha festival. We still hold hands.

Donna: We have a date night still once a week when we go to dinner. We just have fun together and laugh a lot. He says some of the craziest things.


What advice do you have for new couples?

George: Get married (chuckling). Love your wife and don’t be tempted by all of the things in the world. Go to work and support your family. You have to go together and stay on the same trail. You can’t go your direction while she goes her direction and expect to be together at the end. There has to be commitment to make it work. There will be good days and bad days.

Donna: Be kind to each other.

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