Sheriff’s Office Deputies Recognized for Promotions

Eight deputies were recognized for recent promotions during a special badge presentation today. Pictured left to right are: Joe Tomich, Rich Fischer, Rich Kaumo, John Hansen, Steve Powell, Brandy Dick, and Stephen Paladino. (Not pictured: Matt Bartolotta)

SWEETWATER COUNTY– Eight deputies were officially recognized this afternoon for their recent promotion during a special badge presentation hosted by Sheriff John Grossnickle and attended by friends, family and staff.

After thanking everyone for their dedication, leadership and professionalism, Sheriff Grossnickle congratulated each promoted deputy individually and presented them with a badge of office reflecting their new rank.

Those promoted to the rank of sergeant include: Matt Bartolotta, Brandy Dick, John Hansen, Rich Kaumo, Stephen Paladino and Steve Powell.

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Those promoted to the rank of lieutenant include: Rich Fischer and Joe Tomich.

“To stay competitive and provide quality service, it is imperative we do everything we can to ensure we compensate all of our deputies at a level commensurate with their assigned duties. We also need to invest more in first- and mid-line supervisors as they are the ones managing our day-to-day operations in the field,” Grossnickle said.

“We have and will continue to reorganize as necessary and feasible to accomplish these goals, and this recent round of promotions is representative of those efforts.”