Sheriff’s Office Voyeurism Investigation Continues; Public’s Help Sought

Can you identify the owners of these clothing items?

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to ask for the public’s help in an ongoing voyeurism investigation, Sheriff Mike Lowell said on Friday.

On January 25 in Green River, Ryan M. Flaten, 28, was arrested and faces a total of 16 counts of felony-grade Voyeurism charges in Sweetwater County. He is currently free on a $25,000 bond.

While pursuing their investigation, which they are conducting in conjunction with the Lyman Police Department, Sweetwater County deputies have come into possession of a number of videos and still photographs, including the two depicted here – one of a woman wearing a wide-brimmed hat, the other of a woman’s dress and legs.

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It is believed these photos were taken in Green River in early June of 2017, at the Flaming Gorge Days Festival in the Park.

Both hat and dress are distinctive, and Lowell is asking that anyone with information about the identity of the woman in the photographs contact Sergeant Rich Fischer, who is leading the investigation, through the Sweetwater Combined Communications Center in Green River at (307) 875-1400.