Shootout Leaves Wolves Empty Handed in Regional Championship Game

Shootout Leaves Wolves Empty Handed in Regional Championship Game

Photo by Olivia Kennah.

CASPER — An exciting weekend of soccer for the Green River Wolves was cut short on Saturday evening in a shootout that favored the Braves in the end 3-2. The Wolves finish second in the 4A West Regional Tournament despite the heartbreaking loss.

Each team found a goal in the first half of the game. Within the opening two minutes of the game, Star Valley struck first blood with a costly mistake by the Wolves. A mishandled ball converted into a quick goal for the Braves and put Star Valley up 1-0 over Green River.

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Green River was able to equalize the score 11 minutes later. The Braves were called for a foul in the box which set Green River’s Chase Stoeger up for a successful penalty kick to tie the game 1-1. The remainder of the game did not see another goal and forced the two teams to go into overtime.

Despite extra minutes in overtime, both teams did not find a winning goal. Due to there being no possibility to tie, a shootout determined the 4A West Regional Champions. The Wolves came up short in penalty kicks as the Braves stole the championship game 3-2.

With the state tournament next week, Green River heads to Jackson in great shape. Confidence from this week’s regional play will only benefit the Wolves next week in the state tournament.

SweetwaterNOW will have coverage of next week’s state tournament as the Wolve vie for a state title.