Smith’s Offers Seniors Personal Shopping Time

Smith’s Offers Seniors Personal Shopping Time

Portrait of smiling senior woman with grocery bags at the supermarket

ROCK SPRINGS — While many doors are beginning to close due to the coronavirus pandemic, Smith’s Food and Drug stores will be opening their doors to offer seniors their own time to shop for products.

Rock Springs Smith’s Assistant Manager, Gwen Giles said that stores will be open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7-8 a.m. for all senior shoppers 60 and older. The decision will be implemented beginning Wednesday, March 18, and will continue until further notice from Smith’s.

Giles said that although it was a company decision across the board, shoppers here in Rock Springs were already recommending days ago that the store allow seniors early access. After a conference call, Smith’s executives made the decision to allow the elderly early access before crowding the store and running out of supplies.

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Seniors who wish to get their shopping done may do it on their own or with another helping hand. Giles said that those who assist seniors in shopping may not buy products for themselves. Fees for online pickup have also been waived for the elderly, however, products like toilet paper are not available to buy online and can only be bought in the store. Smith’s decided to remove the products as an online option for all online customers after experiencing bulk buying from some shoppers.

Limited Products

According to Giles, Smith’s is still experiencing trouble with stocking products like toilet paper and sanitizers. However, the store has now limited customers to a certain amount of products per household.

Earlier this week, Smith’s also had to cut off supplies to local vendors. Giles mentioned that one problem the store ran into was stocking eggs. One vendor had bought a mass amount of eggs, leaving the shelves empty. The store decided that in order to keep their stores stocked for the general public, they would no longer be able to supply vendors with certain products.

Shopping hasn’t slowed down, but only increased. Giles also said that the Rock Springs store hasn’t had many issues with out-of-state shoppers from Utah. The store will continue to monitor the situation.

How You Can Help

Giles suggest that the best thing to do is to shop with everyone in mind. The Rock Springs store gets five shipments of products in every week, so there is no need to overbuy products that you can’t use in a timely manner.

Avoid judgment of other shoppers with full carts. Giles said that they know their monthly shoppers from areas like Farson. They aren’t bulk buying, but shopping how they regularly do.

When compared to other stores from different places, Rock Springs shoppers have been “good,” according to Giles.

Smith’s will continue to update their store policies and hours as needed. You can stay up to date with the store on their Facebook page here.