Snowmobile Enthusiasts Take Over Broadway Theater


ROCK SPRINGS– The Sweetwater Snowpokes and ATV Club, Inc. will be hosting an event. Rock Springs and surrounding snowmobile enthusiasts are invited to attend.

The Thunderstruck 17 Films Premiere Tour is coming to Rock Springs for the first time on Thursday, December 20. All ages are welcomed. Doors are open at 6:30 pm and curtains will be up for the movie by 7:30 pm.

Admission is free with canned food or cash donation. There will be raffle and door prizes. A limited cash bar will also be available.

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Thunderstruck Films was one of the pioneers in the Snowmobiling Film Genre of extreme sports, joining Slednecks and Frontier Films as industry leaders.

Specializing in backcountry riding, chute-climbing and deep-powder riding, Team Thunderstruck has grown worldwide into the leaders in hill climbing sled films and with each passing year raises the “bar” they set back in 2000 with their film “Thunderstruck.”

Now, with over 20 films under their creative and collective belts, Team Thunderstruck hope all who watch and get that little squirt of adrenaline might join the legions of new snowmobilers worldwide.

Thunderstruck Films mission is to promote the sport of snowmobiling through filming of crazy antics and hope no one ever tries to repeat those attempts!