Southwest Sage-Grouse Working Group to take public input on sage grouse core areas


GREEN RIVER — The Southwest Sage-Grouse Local Working Group will consider recommendations for updating the Wyoming Sage Grouse Conservation Plan’s core area map at its next meeting. The Working Group’s recommendations will be passed along to the Sage Grouse Implementation Team, who will then make recommendations to Governor Matt Mead.

The meeting will be at 9:00 a.m., Friday, March 6 at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Green River Regional Office, 351 Astle Avenue, Green River.

Anyone proposing a change to a core area boundary should provide the local working group with maps and/or written descriptions with a rationale of their proposals in advance of the meeting. These documents should be emailed to

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The Southwest Sage Grouse Local Working Group is one of eight local working groups statewide. Each is composed of citizens representing various stakeholder groups interested in sage-grouse conservation and associated land management issues.