Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport Could Receive $1 Million in COVID-19 Relief Funds

Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport Could Receive $1 Million in COVID-19 Relief Funds

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The Sweetwater County Commission will review a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Coronavirus Response Grant Program agreement at it upcoming meeting. Under the agreement, Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport could receive a little over $1 million.

The Commission is scheduled to meet Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. at the Sweetwater County Courthouse. For the convenience of the public, efficiency, and COVID-19 restrictions, the meeting will be held in person and using video conferencing technology. The courthouse will have limited seating so as to practice social distancing and to be consistent with state guidelines. The meeting will be live streamed on the county’s YouTube channel.

According to documents in the Commissioner’s packet, the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriation Act was signed into law on December 27, 2020, includes nearly $2 billion in funds to be awarded as economic relief to eligible airports and concessions.

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The FAA is distributing these funds through the Airport Coronavirus Response Grant Program. RKS has been allocated aa total of $1,013,325. Of that, $1,013,325 will be relief funds, while $5,255 will be concessions relief funds.

Both the Rock Springs City Council and the Sweetwater County Commission will look at resolutions to approve the Grant Agreement with the U.S Department of Transportation FAA at their meetings tomorrow.

Other business

The Commission will review a site plan application from the city of Rock Springs for Southwest Counseling. If approved, additional buildings could be located at 2300 Foothill Blvd. This will allow for the construction of a modular office building. The 4,876 square foot structure will have 4,089 square feet set aside for office space, while 787 square feet will be used for maintenance purposes.

To review the entire packet, click here.