Staying in Motion Foundation Aims to Help Provide Adaptive Recreation

Staying in Motion Foundation Aims to Help Provide Adaptive Recreation

ROCK SPRINGS — Starting a charitable foundation from the ground up is no easy work, but for the board members of the Staying in Motion Foundation (SIM), hard work is good work when it’s helping people you care about.

SIM has a simple mission “to help children and adults with physical disabilities to overcome adversity by providing dynamic opportunities, fostering
community support, and promoting healthy living.”

Although the foundation just began in January of this year, big plans to provide adaptive recreation equipment are not far off.

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“I meet a lot of people who have challenges and limitations in rehab, specifically when it comes to getting life back when a significant event leads to permanent physical disability. What I don’t want for these individuals is access to be their limitation,” Ashlee Lansang, founder said. “I just feel like there’s this need for adaptive recreation in our area for those who are physically disabled.”

Jack Harmon, who is one of the SIM board members, has taken action and found new life in an adaptive hockey league that welcomes both the disabled and able bodied citizens of the community. In addition he also enjoys other adaptive recreation such as mountain biking, golfing and paragliding.

“Don’t lose hope,” Harmon said. “That’s what this foundation did for me, it gave me hope. I thought I was going to be stuck at home forever.”

The first of many fundraisers for SIM will be coming up this summer. The plan is to put all of the money earned back into the community with the hope that one day they can go statewide helping multiple communities in Wyoming.

The proceeds raised will go toward purchasing a piece of adaptive recreation equipment every year. The foundation will also purchase a piece of equipment to go in city parks and donate it to the City of Rock Springs.

This year, the foundation is planning to purchase a ParaGolfer golf cart that will help stand someone up so they can swing.

At some point, they would like to sponsor some adaptive recreation programs to help people raft, paraglide, and people live out their dreams through bigger life experience trips.

“There’s plenty of opportunity for able-bodied people to get out and recreate. Very limited opportunity if you’re a disabled person to actually go out and express your physicality,” Lansang said.

You can get involved with SIM by helping them spread the word about the foundation, donating time or money, and supporting those who the foundation aims to help make life better for. For more information, click here.