Stellar Cellar Receives Facade Grant from Downtown Rock Springs

Stellar Cellar Receives Facade Grant from Downtown Rock Springs

Terri Nations, David Jarell, and Gloria Hutton present Stellar Cellar owner Jessie Fife with her grant funds.

ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency (URA) recently presented a check to The Stellar Cellar for the façade improvements made to their new facility.

The Stellar Cellar, located at 403 N Front St, completed major exterior improvements and interior renovations to their new facility. Exterior improvements included the installation of new windows and doors, exterior lighting, signage, and paint. The building has been undergoing renovations for the last year.

“This grant allowed us to create a fresh and unique storefront,” said Jessie Fife, owner of Stellar Cellar. “We are so grateful for the funds and the opportunity!” URA Board Chairwoman Maria Mortensen added, “Jessie has worked hard to create a beautiful and inclusive space.”

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The Rock Springs Main Street/URA provides a Façade Improvement Grant to building owners in the downtown area. The grant entitles the applicant up to $5,000.00 reimbursement towards the total cost of façade improvement projects and paint.

It’s a matching grant which requires the applicant to pay a minimum of 50% of the total cost of the improvements. The Façade Improvement Grant pertains to exterior improvements only and can be applied to a front, side, or rear facade provided it faces a public street or parking area.

Each year, the Rock Springs Main Street/URA holds several fundraising events. The funds generated by those events are used for the betterment of the downtown area including the issuance of Façade Improvement Grants to qualifying buildings.