Stellar Coffee: A Space for Family and Memory

Ian and Sami Doak opened Stellar Coffee four months ago in memory of their daughter, Stella.

GREEN RIVER – Stellar Coffee is more than just a new coffee shop in Green River. It means family and memory to owners Ian and Sami Doak.

Life’s Too Short — Eat Dessert First

Stellar Coffee bears the namesake of Stella Doak, the owners’ one-year-old child who was tragically lost last year when an impaired driver crashed into a Green River living room.

In the wake of unspeakable loss, Stella’s parents opened Stellar Coffee four months ago.

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Sami said the coffee shop came about “to keep her name out there so that it’s not forgotten.”

“Ian and I called her Stellar,” said Sami. The coffee shop boasts a colorful playroom for kids, which is named “Stella’s Playroom.”

A Community Space

The couple said they’ve been humbled by the outpouring of love and support from the community.

“We lost part of our family,” said Ian. “[A coffee shop] was always something we’d been kicking around. We didn’t have anything else to lose really so we figured we might as well go for it now.”

And so, Stellar Coffee is a space for gathering. The shop has a spot for meetings and parties.

They stay open later for the teens when there is a football game or a dance so that there is a safe place for them to go. They stock board games to encourage people to hang around.

Bring the Little Ones

People are encouraged to bring their young children to play in Stella’s Playroom.

“At least three times a day, there is a kid taken out screaming, ‘I don’t want to leave!’” said Sami.

Last winter was awful, said Sami, because there wasn’t anywhere for her to go with her little one.

Now, come cold weather or intense heat, Green River parents have a place to go.

The Good Stuff

What’s more, Stellar Coffee stocks the good stuff for coffee and ice cream.

The coffee is roasted the day they order it from Snake River Roasting Company and is ground on-site, said the Doaks.

“Even on a slow week, the coffee is very, very fresh, “ said Ian. “I’m not a huge coffee snob, but I think it tastes really good.”

Upcoming Events

Stellar Coffee hosts events of all kinds for the community, from open mic nights that support the arts to themed parties for children and charity fundraisers.

Here are just a few upcoming events at Stellar Coffee. Check their Facebook page often to see more of them, such as the upcoming Make-a-Wish fundraiser on February 7.