(Still) Awaiting Jovians: The Green River Intergalactic Spaceport


Always dreamed of being visited by little grey men from Jupiter?

If you live in Green River, WY, your odds may be greater than some.

In 1994 NASA discovered evidence that suggested the planet Jupiter was in eminent danger of being destroyed by space matter collisions.

Although we hadn’t previously discovered any evidence of intelligent life on the planet, the people of Green River thought it necessary to extend some good ol’ Wyoming hospitality to possible Jovian refugees- just in case.

The Green River City Council passed Resolution R94-23 which dubbed a 400 acre airstrip on South Hill Mountain the “Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport” where visitors from Jupiter could seek safety on our planet if and when the need should arise.

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There was even a sign erected to let the aliens know that they had reached their destination. (Supposing they could read English that is.)

However a precise landing might have proven difficult, as the only navigational tool on the airstrip is a weathered old windsock.

Photo: The City of Green River


24 years later: the sign is gone, the windsock remains, and the airstrip has never seen any action from the fifth planet from the sun.

Although, it’d just be silly for us to give up hope of alien visitation now. 😉

Go See for Yourself! 👇