Strong, New Management at the Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport

Strong, New Management at the Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport

The Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport is making many improvements so residents can enjoy the benefits of using our local airport rather than dealing with the hassle of driving to another one. One of those changes was to hire a new airport manager.


Experienced Management

The new airport manager Devon Brubaker brings over a decade of experience and knowledge of airport inner workings and the ever-changing business of air travel. He completed his undergraduate work at Dubuque, Iowa with internships at airports in Springfield, Illinois and Houston Executive airport, a private airport.

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Later, he landed a job involving airfield safety at the Harrisburg International airport in Pennsylvania. A “catch all” type job where he learned a lot about the airport industry. After two years in Pennsylvania, Brubaker accepted an operations position at Charlotte, N.C. — the eighth busiest airport in the Nation. Coming from smaller airports, he saw the workings of an airport on a much larger scale.

After a short time, he moved into an administrative position at Dayton International. “Dayton is where I came out of my shell,” Brubaker said. “I learned the most there.”

At Dayton International, he took charge of operations and maintenance. He was the supervisor of a 65 person crew and was responsible for an annual budget of $14.1 million.

Not only was he in charge of this operations inside the airport walls, but he also worked closely with community economic developments outside the airport.  The development of a $97 million distribution center built right outside the Dayton Airport was only one of the developments Brubaker worked closely with.

In 2013, Brubaker finished his Masters of Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle. Last year, he received one of the highest honors in the business when he was accredited by the American Association of Airport Executives Airport Executive Group. Less than 10% of people in the business receive this honor.

To become accredited, an individual must be book smart and have strong hands-on knowledge of the airport business. This honor comes with important and valuable connections in the industry. “It’s a tight knit group of people,” Brubaker said. If he has questions, he can call any one of them and discuss an issue.

New manager at the Rock Springs Airport Devon Brubaker

Finding the Right Individual

When the Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport committee began looking for a new manager, they hired a search firm to help find the best candidate. The firm contacted Brubaker about the Sweetwater County position. The firm felt it could be a good match for both parties. During the interview process, Brubaker fell in love with the area.

Airport board member Dave Hanks took Brubaker on a tour of the county. He said, “I was blown away.”

Inspired by the Wyoming scenery and community pride, Brubaker said he was impressed with local governments and their innovative thinking. During the tour, he was amazed at the infrastructure of the communities. he has been to many other locations and there usually is an older infrastructure and it usually is a pretty big mess.

Brubaker talked to his wife and four children about the area and the opportunity. “The board would not give me its blessing without my wife’s approval,” he said.

They came to the area for a weekend, went to Flaming Gorge and up to Jackson to look at the Grand Tetons. “We felt Rock Springs was the gateway to many amazing things only a couple hours away, something not available in the midwest.” His wife jumped on board so Brubaker took control of the airport in April and was on site in May.

Rock Springs Sweetwater County Airport