Students Host Appreciation Luncheon

Students Host Appreciation Luncheon

ROCK SPRINGS — Karie Chrisawn’s 8th Grade Reading students have read many stories in their reading curriculum about people making a difference.

There were many articles about teens and changes they made in their communities.

Darcie Punches found a website that has many service opportunities and suggestions for teens to be heard. She had her students go on that site and choose various projects or come up with their own. Chrisawn decided to do the same with her classes.

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Three of the classes decided they wanted their voice to be a voice of gratitude for the many people who serve our community.

Of course, it is impossible to thank everyone, so they narrowed their choices to the Sheriff’s Department., the Rock Springs Police Department, the Rock Springs Fire Department, and the Rock Springs Mayor’s Office.

They chose to thank them by creating posters, writing letters, and hosting a lunch.

The students also contacted local businesses in our community to see if they would be willing to support our thank you luncheon by donating food.

The students did all the contacting themselves.

The response overall was very positive. Every department that was invited was extremely polite in accepting the invitation.

So often teens are not taken seriously, yet, here in Rock Springs, ours are. It was very encouraging for our students to have such positive responses.

As you know, our departments are busy, but we have approximately 20 people coming from the departments listed above.

The “Thank You” luncheon was held, June 3rd at noon in the RSJH cafeteria.

Some of the students spent their first day of summer vacation saying thank you as they help out with the luncheon.

Chrisawn said she thinks this is a great way of bringing the community together. “We do all belong to each other. A great way to show it is through gratitude,” she said.