Study Aims to Solve the Parking and Transit Problems at UW

Study Aims to Solve the Parking and Transit Problems at UW

LARAMIE — An in-depth analysis of parking and transportation topics at the University of Wyoming will take place during the coming academic year, following action by the UW Board of Trustees.

The board voted today (Wednesday) to authorize negotiation of a contract with Walker Consultants, a national consulting firm, to conduct the study and update UW’s current 2008 master transit and parking plan for the next decade.

The total cost of the work is $150,000, with $135,000 of that coming from a Wyoming Department of Transportation planning grant and $15,000 coming from UW Transit and Parking Services revenues.

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The study is expected to begin in September and conclude in March.

The study will include analysis of parking supply and demand at the university; assessment of current parking management practices, including zoning for employees, students, visitors and others; examination of the current parking permit structure; and evaluation of the possibility of parking structures, potential locations and costs.

Additionally, the consultant will analyze UW’s transit system, including its route structure and demand, as well as bicycle and pedestrian mobility and infrastructure.