Sublette #1 Eliminates 6th Grade Sports as a Part of 2018-2019 Budget Reduction

Sublette #1 Eliminates 6th Grade Sports as a Part of 2018-2019 Budget Reduction

The Wyoming Business Council honored a request from the Town of Pinedale to improve facilities for tourists next summer.

SUBLETTE COUNTY — As a part of its budget reduction plan for 2018-2019, Sublette County School District #1 (SCSD #1) has eliminated 6th grade sports.

Over the last three years, statewide funding reductions and local tax abatements have resulted in decreasing revenues for the district, and expenditures in the activities budget exceed revenues by $180,000.

In addition, very few 3A schools in Western Wyoming offer team sports at the 6th grade level, making it difficult to fill a full schedule for 6th grade competitions.

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SCSD #1 is working closely with the Pinedale Aquatic Center (PAC) and local USA sports programs to provide comparable opportunities for 6th grade students for the 2018-2019
school year.

The PAC will be expanding their current programs for football, volleyball, basketball, and track to include 6th grade students.

The PAC has an existing partnership with USA Swimming and opportunities for 6th grade students currently exist through that program at the PAC.

Questions regarding these programs for next year can be directed to the PAC at 307-367-2832.

The Pinedale Pummelers, a USA Wrestling program, currently offers opportunities in wrestling for 6th grade students.

For more information regarding the Pinedale Pummelers and USA Wrestling, contact Aaron Wilson at 307-360-7539.