Sublette County Sheriff’s Office Regrets to Announce the Passing of Retired K9 Max


SUBLETTE COUNTY– The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office regrets to announce the passing of retired K9 “Max.” Max began his career with the SCSO in May of 2009.

Along with his partner, Deputy Dan Ruby, Max worked for approximately five and a half years seizing multiple types of drugs coming in to Sublette County.

K9 Max retired from duty in November 2014, and afterward became a permanent member of the Ruby family. Deputy Ruby described Max as, “A small lapdog trapped in a big dog’s body. He was always happiest near me.”

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Deputy Ruby went on to say, “Max loved to work and play with his toys or anything that would squeak.”

The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office is honored to have had K9 Max serving our community and we thank him and Dan for their faithful years of service.

The Sublete County Sheriff’s Office expressed their deepest condolences to Deputy Ruby and his family. Max will not be forgotten.