Supporting United Way Supports Basic Needs in Your Community


United Way of Southwest Wyoming funds local programs that address the basic needs of this community. Your support is needed more than ever.

From serving the elderly with the Young at Heart Senior Center and preventing homelessness through the Family Resource Center to supporting youth through Boys & Girls Club of Sweetwater County.

Funding is currently down $200,000 in this community. Your help is absolutely needed so that local programs don’t lose the support they need.

United Way partners with 15 different organizations. Without this financial support, many organizations would not be able to function.

“Without United Way funding, In Home Services would not exist, resulting in approximately 30 home-bound senior citizens and disabled community members that would not have access to supportive services that allow them to remain living independently in their own home.”

– Young at Heart Senior Center

More Than Ever, Your Help is Needed

Participate in United Way’s first Pledge-a-Thon. Make a business or individual donation. If every Sweetwater County resident donated just $5, they would have their goal and the 15 local charities they support will have theirs.

Organizations that receive basic needs grants include:

  • YWCA: The Center For Families and Children
  • YWCA: Financial Stability
  • Food Bank of Sweetwater County
  • Sweetwater County Family Resource Center
  • Young At Heart Senior Center
  • Youth Home Inc.

“If the Food Bank did not receive United Way funding we would reduce staff and hours. The Food Bank would have to reduce distribution to once monthly in Rock Springs and once monthly in Green River, we would stop having emergency hours during the week. This would also mean less food being rescued and less food available to the low-income. In turn, we would have increased food insecurity in our community.”

– Food Bank of Sweetwater County

Organizations that receive education grants include:

  • Boys & Girls Club of Sweetwater County
  • Greater Wyoming Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library
  • Life R U Ready?
  • Sweetwater County Child Development Center
  • Young at Heart Early Learning Center

Organizations that receive United Way health grants include:

  • Sweetwater County Family Resource Center
  • Young at Heart Senior Center
  • Western Wyoming Reproductive Health

“There are many grants out there that help with technology and such, but United Way funding is so important to our program, because it allows us to use funding dollars on items that the club needs to run on a day to day basis. It allows us to provide highly trained staff to work with club members and provide a world class experience.”

– Boys & Girls Club of Sweetwater County

Donate in Person, Get Free Coffee

Show your support by attending the Pledge-a-Thon events on April 19 at Coal Train Coffee in Rock Springs and Stellar Coffee in Green River.

Come make a donation in-person from 5-7 PM and get free coffee.

Ways to Donate

Ways to donate for the UWSW Pledge-A-Thon:

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