Supposedly, Wyoming Has more Guns than some Countries

Supposedly, Wyoming Has more Guns than some Countries

A new Study recently stated that Wyoming has more guns than some countries, specifically Honduras and Hungary.

While perhaps not every house in Wyoming has a gun, although I would bet there are few that do not have one, I personally know several people that own 10-20 guns and up to 30. There are others that don’t own quite so many, however they have enough to feel they need a gun safe to store them all in. So I could definitely see how this is possible.

A Movoto study estimates there are about 500,500 guns while another estimates there are as many as 1,050,000 guns in Wyoming.

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One thing is for sure, in Wyoming, we believe in and practice our right to bear arms.

A couple from the Dominican republic once asked my mother why we (Americans/Wyomians) need and have guns. She responded both somewhat seriously and jokingly,

To protect ourselves from the government. That, and we like to hunt.

They didn’t understand either reason. Apparently hunting isn’t that big in the Dominican Republic.

If someone from the government asked me how many guns I have, I know I wouldn’t tell. Many of my friends here would do the same. Because of this, I imagine there is not much accurate data when it comes to guns in Wyoming. However, to one study at least, there seem to be a lot of guns in Wyoming.

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