SWCSD #2 to Begin Community Forums for Superintendent Candidates This Week

GREEN RIVER– The Sweetwater County School District #2 Board of Trustees has selected three candidates it will interview in the school district’s search for a new Superintendent of Schools.

Donna Little-Kaumo resigned in October 2019, and Jamie Christensen moved into the position and has been in that role since.

Starting Tuesday, January 21, the board will begin interviews for the new superintendent. Two interviews will take place this week, while the final one will take place next week.

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From 6 pm to 7 pm on each interview day, the community will be given the opportunity to hear comments from candidates in a community forum.

Candidates have been scheduled for interviews on the following dates:

Teresa Chaulk: Kemmerer, Wyoming: Tuesday, January 21

Joel Dvorak:  Sheridan,Wyoming: Wednesday, January 22

Craig Barringer: Libby, Montana: Tuesday, January 28

Applicant packets are available at central office if the staff or patrons of the district are interested in taking a closer look at the candidates, but must remain in the office.

Candidate Schedules

  • 8-11:30 am– Tour of secondary schools, community, etc.
  • 12-1 pm– Lunch with Administrative Staff – Conference Room #1 at Central Administration Building
  • 1-3:30 pm– Tour of elementary schools, community, etc.
  • 4-5 pm– Staff Forum – Representative Staff members –Board Room at Central Administration Building
  • 5-6 pm– Break
  • 6-7 pm– Community Forum – Board Room at Central Administration Building
  • 7:30-9 pm– Interview with Board of Trustees – Executive Session – Board Room and Conference Room #1 at Central Administration Building

During the staff forum, the district staff will have the opportunity to hear comments from each candidate. A representative panel will ask questions of the candidates. Any staff in attendance will be asked to share feedback through a form available as they come in.

The community forum will follow the same format as the staff forum.

About the Candidates

Teresa Chaulk

Chaulk is a resident of Kemmerer and has been the Superintendent of Schools at Lincoln County School District #1 since 2007.

Prior to 2007, she had experience as an assistant superintendent of instruction and special education, alternative school principle, special education coordinator, curriculum coordinating council specialist, special education instructional leader, and middle school special education teacher.

To learn more about Teresa Chaulk, view her resume here.

Joel Dvorak

Dvorak currently lives in Sheridan and has been working as a consultant for the Wyoming Department of Education since 2017. He is also a Teaching Professor and the Director of the Wyoming Center for Educational Leadership at the University of Wyoming, which he has been doing since 2017.

Throughout his career, he has been superintendent, associate superintendent, principal, teacher, and coach.

To learn more about Joel Dvorak, view his resume here.