SWCSD#2 Trustees Elects Board Officials

GREEN RIVER– At Tuesday night’s Sweetwater County School District #2 Board of Trustees meeting, the board elected their officers.

Trustee Steve Core was elected as board chairperson, replacing Brenda Roosa. Roosa had served in the position for four years.

Rachelle Morris was elected as vice chair, replacing Corina Tynsky. Robin Steiss was elected to retain her position as board clerk. Ashley Castillon was elected to serve as treasurer, replacing Morris.

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Other Business

In other business, in executive session the board amended Jamie Christensen’s contract and approved him as new Superintendent of Schools.

Christensen has been acting as interim Superintendent since the retirement of Donna Little-Kaumo in October.

The school district will be accepting applications for the Superintendent position until January 10, 2020, and they will begin the interview process shortly after.

The school district also announced the hiring of Rachel Todd as Transportation Supervisor. Rachel Todd was serving as interim Transportation Supervisor since the termination of former supervisor Oscar Barton at the start of the school year.