#SWEETREADS: Judge That Book By Its Cover

#SweetReads: A new column provided by the Sweetwater County Library System, featuring reading recommendations by employees of our local libraries. Assistant Director Lindsey Travis provides you with this week's column.
#SWEETREADS: Judge That Book By Its Cover

The old adage goes “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I, however, believe that’s advice for everything besides books.

While we shouldn’t judge people “by their covers” we should definitely judge books by their covers. That’s the intended purpose of the cover. It is packaging, advertising, something to draw in potential readers.

Take, for example, a book on photography. Would you pick it up if it didn’t have some great pictures on the cover? I know I wouldn’t.

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Book covers have evolved over the years. They started as something simply to protect the pages within. Eventually, book covers included beautifully crafted designs, such as embossed bindings and hand- engraved lettering.

Now, book covers contain artwork and images designed to lure people in as a marketing tool. As books have moved into the digital realm, book covers are even more important than they are when they sit on a library shelf.

Searching through a digital library, the cover pictures are often what causes a reader to initially consider a book. What book covers are most enticing to readers? Well, the answer depends on the person. So, let’s take a look at some of the aspects you’ll find on a book cover:

  • Color: The color on a book cover conveys a lot. Red can mean the book is scary or suspenseful, but it doesn’t typically mean that it’s a feel-good story.
  • Images: A picture of people embracing will convey a different message than a picture of a person running. Likewise, rolling hills convey a different message than a snow-capped mountain.
  • Title font: The font used on the cover of a book conveys its level of intensity or romanticism. You’ll rarely see a thriller that uses a flowery, cursive font.
  • Reviews: Sometimes, a book cover will feature a quote from a book review that will be a selling point for a book.

Stop one of the Sweetwater County Libraries and select a book today. We have books for all tastes and interests – and we won’t judge you for selecting your book by its cover!