#SWEETSMILE: Backpack Program Receives Food and Monetary Donations

#SWEETSMILE: Backpack Program Receives Food and Monetary Donations

SweetwaterNOW employees, Dr. Chris Davidson and students from Rock Springs High School pose for a photo with the food and monetary donations raised throughout the holidays for the Backpack Program.

ROCK SPRINGS — Over the holidays SweetwaterNOW partnered with Davidson Family Dental and Trona Valley Federal Credit Union to help collect food items for the Rock Springs High School Backpack Program.

SweetwaterNOW employees gathered at Davidson Family Dental with Dr. Chris Davidson and students overseeing the RSHS Backpack Program Monday afternoon. Dr. Davidson and SweetwaterNOW presented the students with a collection of food and monetary donations, totaling $600. Both food drive drop-off locations collected sizable donations thanks to generous community members.

The Backpack Program is a student food bank that provides meals to children outside of school. Food is discreetly put into backpacks that the students can take home during the weekends or other after-school periods. Trona Valley Federal Credit Union manages the program in Green River and in Rock Springs the program is managed by the RSHS Health Academy.

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To read more about the Backpack Program and learn what you can do to fight childhood hunger, click here.

The Sweet Smile Campaign is a year-long, monthly partnership with Davidson Family Dental to bring about smiles in our community!