Sweetwater County Accepting Second Round of Applicants for Charitable Relief Program

Sweetwater County Accepting Second Round of Applicants for Charitable Relief Program

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Governor Gordon has awarded additional funds under the Charitable Relief Program to the following:

Sweetwater County “Charitable Organization”, including churches, which qualifies as tax-
exempt under either 501 (c) (3) or Section 501 ( c ) (19) of the Internal Revenue Code and which provide goods, services, or payments to the public related to the COVID-19 Public Health emergency, qualify to apply for this “CARES ACT” funding.

These funds are determined by the Governor’s Office using population as a primary allocation metric which has been awarded to each county. The funds will be distributed by completing a “Community ] Charitable Relief Program Grantee Certification Form” which can be emailed, picked up at the Sweetwater County Commissioners Office, and is also available on the County Website. Information will be included on requirements for applying for funding from the “CARES ACT”.

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Applications may be requested electronically at shoemakers@sweet.wy.us or by calling their office at 307 872-3897. Applications are also available on the County Website and will be available at the County Commissioners Office located at 80 W Flaming Gorge Way, Suite 109, Green River, Wyoming.

Due to the allotted funding available, The Sweetwater County Board of County Commissioners
are opening a second round of applications. The Commissioners have allotted $631,043 of the $932,414 allocated to the County from the state. This leaves about $301,370 left for the second round of applicants.

Deadline for submittal is no later than 5 pm February 1, 2021.

Please follow the instructions on how to complete the application and return all attached information with the application to shoemakers@sweet.wy.us.