Sweetwater County 311 Telephone System Going Live

Sweetwater County 311 Telephone System Going Live

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Sweetwater County activated the Emergency Operations Center and the 311 telephone information hotline will go live today.

Following the governor’s recent emergency public health order, which mandates the statewide closure of certain service-related businesses, Sweetwater County announced today, March 20, the full activation of its Emergency Operations Center. Currently, Wyoming’s total confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) is 19.

The EOC will serve as a centralized emergency management organization intended to help citizens and stakeholders to navigate the community’s response in combating the rapidly evolving global threat of the COVID-19 virus.

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Led by Sweetwater County Emergency Management, the EOC consists of county and city government officials, public health authorities, local public service staff and business and industry representatives.

The EOC has absorbed the functions of the Sweetwater County Community Resiliency Task Force in its mission to serve as a consolidated clearinghouse for public health and safety information in Sweetwater County.

As an extension of these efforts to work together to help keep our friends and neighbors safe and to ensure that the community remains informed during this unprecedented time of uncertainty, a 311 telephone hotline for local government and community information is scheduled to go live today at 2 pm. 

The 311 telephone system will be manned by live call takers from 9 am to 7 pm daily until further notice. In the event live staff is unavailable, the EOC will provide pre-recorded briefings with the latest pertinent information as necessary.

Once live this afternoon, the 311 network may be reached by dialing 311 or (307) 212-5440.