Sweetwater County Democrats Elect New Leadership

Sweetwater County Democrats Elect New Leadership

Left/Back: RJ Pieper (State Committeeman), Kadin Correira (Vice Chairman); Left/Front: Hollis Meader (State Committeewoman), Lyndsey Love (Secretary), Meghan Jensen (Chairwoman). Not pictured: Mirrit Comforti (Treasurer)

ROCK SPRINGS– The Sweetwater County Democratic Party elected new party officers at its biennial reorganization meeting March 21.

The new county officers are:

  • Chairwoman Meghan Jensen
  • Vice Chairman Kadin Correira
  • Secretary Lyndsey Love
  • Treasurer Mirrit Comforti
  • State Committeewoman Hollis Meader
  • State Committeeman R.J. Pieper

Sweetwater County Democratic Party Chairwoman Meghan Jensen ran because she believes she can help bring positive change to both the party and the community.

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“I realize all the issues that we face in our community. What we need are solutions. I’m not a solution. Our new Executive Committee is not a solution. All of us are the solution,” Chairwoman Jensen said.

Wyoming Democratic Party Chair Joe Barbuto added that he is excited about what will be accomplished in the county over the next two years with the new party officers.

“There is a tremendous amount of work for Democrats to do here and Chairwoman Jensen and her team are well suited for and up to the task. This is a great time to be a Democrat in Wyoming,” Barbuto said.

The newly elected board will serve a two year term.